Oh hey!

So stoked you made it here!! That means you've taken the chance to browse around at my work and also get to know about my approach and a bit about me. Now I know that you may expect me to sell myself here and give you the last convincing words to book with me.

Thing is...I'm not going to do that.

To be quite honest I have no say in the matter. If you've gone through all of my work, read up on my "about me" and feel you can connect with each piece of the story then that is indication of real connection with me through my work. As much as I'd love to be there to capture your gorgeous and badass love, I'm all about putting others before me and ensuring that you are finding, not just the photographer, but the person you most connect with that will do their absolute best to capture your love.

You are here because somewhere in your browsing journey you've found yourself connected to the words I've shared and the photos I've captured to show the different expressions of peoples love.

Please feel free to inquire with me and be on the look out for a email back within a 48 hour window. I look forward to becoming friends!